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AO3 name: Macdragon

Dear Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I've done Yuletide a few times now, and it's more fun every time. I always love reading my fic on Christmas morning, and seeing more material in my little fandoms.

I like:
-Fluff and characters being cute together.
-But I also like angst and seeing characters' hearts broken and how they cope.
-Curtainfic, or anything that gives a glimpse into the daily lives of characters.
-Backstory or futurefic. Or both, fics that play with time.
-Different formats like epistolary.

No preference:
-I read and enjoy both intricately plotted fics and slower, more character-study style fics, so write whatever you're comfortable with.
-Rating: Aside from not really wanting PWP, I'm fine with anything from G to Explicit.
-I like ship fics and nominated a few pairings, but I also don't mind gen focused on one character or the other.

Do Not Want:
-Excessive Violence (beyond the scope of what's already present in the canon)
-Body Horror
-In X rated fics, BDSM
-PWP--I like seeing sex in a shippy fic, but would prefer not to see "insert tab A into slot B" play by plays.


Room-Emma Donoghue
Jack, Ma

This is one of my favorite books. It's brilliantly written--Donoghue's grasp of point of view is stunning. Telling everything through a child's point of view can easily get cloying, but instead the perspective is totally immersive. This is one of those books that felt like leaving behind some old friends when I reached the last page. I have fewer prompts for this, only because I think there's so many ways it could go; I would enjoy any kind of addition to the story!

-What happens after the book? A few years down the line…or longer when Jack is an adult. How do these people deal with the long-term impact of trauma? How does the mother-son relationship evolve?
-If you'd rather write about their time in Room, that's fine too! I love the little microcosm, and it would be interesting to see missing scenes from Jack's younger years.
(Note for my DNWs--it's fine to mention the abuse Ma endured, since it's obviously an important part of her character, but please nothing graphic on camera.)

Please Like Me
Josh and Arnold

This show covers so much, at turns hilarious and touching. It walks that line between absurdity and relatability so well. I see a little bit of myself in all of the characters. Although I've found all of Josh's relationships interesting, I ship him most with Arnold. I love the humor and vulnerability in their bond, the portrayal of Arnold's anxiety, the silly romantic comedy moments.

-I don't want to believe that they're broken up permanently, so something set after the third season where they get back together would be great.
-Backstory. What were they like as teenagers? I'm thinking of something that shows each of them separately rather than a "they meet as teens" AU, so feel free to just focus on one of them for this.
-Cutesy Josh/Arnold bakery AU. It could be canon! Maybe futurefic where Josh opens a bakery in a few years?
-Any kind of humorous fic where "hijinks ensue" as they attempt to reach some goal--cooking a meal? babysitting? planning a party? whatever.
-I feel like this fandom lends itself to fluff, but I would also be interested in something darker about Arnold's anxiety, and how Josh helps him with it--or how it's difficult for Josh to deal with.

London Spy
Alex Turner and Danny Holt

This show destroyed me emotionally. :) The first episode is one of the best pieces of television I've ever watched. The rest of it went a little haywire, but the acting is still brilliant and he characters are so well drawn. Alex and Danny are amazing together; in the end we don't see nearly enough of them, but there's so much packed into every moment.

-Alex is alive, perhaps living in America, or maybe something else. Rewrite the ending, or rewrite the whole show to reflect this. Or just a simple reunion scene. Or Alex's point of view while he's away from Danny. Perhaps continuing from that, Danny has to rescue Alex from peril. Either after finding out he's alive, or later, in some unrelated spy case.
-Alternatively, what would their relationship have been like if Alex had never been threatened, and everything continued as normal? There are still plenty of conflicts for them.
-I loved the portrayal of Alex as an older virgin. It wasn't fetishized, or portrayed as pathetic in a 40 Year Old Virgin kind of way. I would like anything exploring that more.
-All that said, if you want to continue the format of the show and show how Danny copes with the loss of Alex, maybe with some flashbacks, feel free. Tragedy is part and parcel of this pairing, and I would welcome the angst.
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Hello, writer! I love Yuletide, I'm so excited about all of these fandoms, and I can't wait to see what you come up with for my fic.
My AO3 account is here.

General likes: (in no particular order).
Backstories, especially older characters as teens/young adults
Missing scenes
Road trip/characters going on zany adventures together
Epistolary or diary format
Holiday themes
Modern AU
Anything with books/reading/literary stuff
Slow burn, emotional buildup sex; vanilla sex; awkward but sweet sex; first times

Please no:
Dubcon/non-con or sex compulsion tropes
Lots of gore, body horror (Reference: I consider the show Hannibal gory.)
Hospitals, doctors, people being very ill
Total crackfic/absurdism

The Requests

Short prompt: Fic about Alec and Richard's relationship. Or backstory for each of them.

Beautiful writing, distinct characters, and intricate plots make this one of my favorite book series. I love Alec and Richard together--the complicated power dynamics, the "challenge" Alec presents Richard, their surprisingly tender moments. The constant angst interspersed with all too brief moments of happiness…that's my jam. Anything that explores their relationship would be wonderful. Maybe some domestic scenes? Or a plotty fic with political intrigue! Timeline wise, anything is fine, but I do like fics that take place in the missing bits when Alec first became duke, or on Kyros.

I'm also very interested in backstory about either of them. Richard's time as a highwayman, and how he learned to be swordsman. His wild years on the Hill. What he got up to before Alec came into his life. What Alec was like growing up, or more about his time at university.

The Bone Season
Jaxon Hall
Short prompt: Jaxon Hall focused plotty fic, slice of life, and/or backstory.

This series has amazing world building and delightful characters! The best thing about the books for me is the ensemble cast of the Seven Seals. And especially their leader, Jaxon Hall. He's basically the epitome of the Magnificent Bastard trope, one of my favorite character archetypes. I would love to see more about his history, especially in light of what we learned about his beginnings in The Mime Order. (Assuming he was telling the truth!) I want sad, bitter, lonely teenaged Jaxon Hall getting revenge in the best way possible. If you'd rather do present day, anything about how he runs his gang would be fun. Maybe a day in the life of Jaxon Hall? Casefic would work well with this. I enjoy all of the characters, so feel free to include any of them in the fic, although they aren't specifically requested her. As a note, I agree with the canon that he's asexual, so I would prefer gen only for this fandom.

Vanyel Ashkevron
Tylendel Frelennye
Short Prompt: Vanyel/Tylendel tropey shipfic, fluff.

This is an old fandom of mine and I know it's over the top and kind of silly in some parts, but that's also why I love it. I shamelessly request Woobie Prince Vanyel. Stupidly in love fluffy Tylendel/Vanyel shipping. Ideas… Anxious first time fic. Vanyel's parents visit and 'Lendel stands up to them, or encourages Vanyel to do so. Breakup/makeup fic where they have their first fight. They go on their first expedition together and there's a big storm and they have to hole up in a tent. Either set it before 'Lendel dies, or maybe write fix-it fic where he lives? Or a reincarnation fic where they're both reborn in another time/place? AUs of all sorts welcome.

Romantic Poets RPF
Percy Shelley
Short prompt: Moments from Shelley's teen years and early career.

I love melodramatic "Mad Shelley." His childhood friend Medwin described him as "so delicately organized, with so nervous a temperament, under the influence of a chronic melancholy…"
A fic about his years at Eton would be fascinating to read. By all accounts he was bullied constantly by his peers, and had few friends at school. He was bookish, but also tried to advocate for stopping some barbaric hazing practices. (which didn't go over well). And he did science experiments in his room, once blowing up a tree on accident.
I would also be interested in seeing something about his courtship of Harriet. Of the two memoirs I've read, Peacock says it was a loveless marriage and Medwin goes on and on about how Harriet is the most beautiful woman he's ever seen and says it was a case of youthful infatuation. So which is true?
And of course the years Oxford with Hogg are ripe for fic shenanigans. More blowing things up with chemistry experiments, not to mention writing and publishing a blasphemous paper and getting kicked out.

For reference, Peacock's Memoirs of Shelley (https://archive.org/details/peacocksmemoirof00peacrich) and Medwin's Life of Shelley (https://archive.org/details/cu31924013549906) are both on Archive.org!


Thanks again for writing for me, and Happy Yuletide!
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First of all: This was my first time doing Row80 and I was terrible about checking in. It's not a habit yet! But I did find it very helpful to read other's check-ins and know that I was being held accountable in some way.

Let's see how I did on my goals:

*Create a new outline and decide how to structure this thing, either as a novel or a collection of short stories. DONE! I have a much clearer picture of where my novel is going. 
*Write at least one cohesive chapter/story in this 80 day period. I'll say this is done...I still have to go back and add a couple of things but that is what editing is for. 

*Complete the Night On Fic Mountain challenge (due June 15) and the Every Woman challenge (due June 23). Half-done. I ended up defaulting on Night on Fic Mountain, honestly because I was too caught up in my original writing to work on it. I did complete Every Woman!
*Write at least 5 posts a week for my play-by-post RPG. Done-ish. I tried, but the RPG slowed down a LOT these past few weeks and I wasn't able to do 5 posts. Still giving myself an A for effort.
Overall, the original writing was more important, so I'm not too upset that I didn't entirely complete these goals. 

Daily/weekly goals
*Write (as in full-screen word document, won't stop typing even if it's garbage), at least 15 minutes per day.
Okay, technically not done. For the first few weeks, I really struggled with writing every day. Then, I started using the Magic Spreadsheet and have been going strong on that for about 30 days. I am going to continue with the Spreadsheet so that I write at least 250 words every day.

I'm going to be traveling a lot this summer, so I will not be participating in the next round. But, I might return for the round after that! This was so helpful in getting back into writing gear. 

I'm back

Jun. 10th, 2015 03:58 pm
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Sorry for not updating for a few weeks. Things have been crazy around here, both at work and at home. But, the good news is I got back into the writing groove! I started using the Magic Spreadsheet again. It really is magic. Something about seeing my points increase on the spreadsheet makes me want to keep writing. And 250 words is such a small goal. I often find myself saying "I don't feel like writing, but I can at least do that much!" And 1000 words later find that I've made a lot of progress.

I have an outline together, and I'm very close to finishing a chapter in my novel.

This week, I'll be turning to fanfiction for a bit so I can finish the Night On Fic Mountain challenge.
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It's the second week and I'm already rapidly veering off the path of productivity. My goal to write 15 minutes a day kind of isn't working out. It's really hard to force myself to turn off the tv, computer, games, and everything else for even that small amount of time.

I'm considering doing a word count instead--something easy like 250 words, as per the Magic Spreadsheet. I might actually start the Magic Spreadsheet again.

The fact is, this happens every time I start writing. Things go okay for the first few days, and then I get scared. I feel like my writing isn't good enough, so I stop. I want to try and push through it this week.

I have been able to do some brainstorming and outlining, at least. I also created a new character for my RPG, although my original writing should be taking priority.

Sorry for the whining, and hopefully things will go better next week!
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Thank you for writing for me!


Slice of Life


Character Study


Complicated romance


Any rating is cool

Do Not Wants:


Extreme gore

that's about it.


Shameless. Fiona Gallagher.

She's probably one of my favorite characters on tv and I just want a character-centered story focused on Fiona. Even though she's kind of the main character of the show, I feel like she sometimes doesn't get much attention with all the side plots!

I would enjoy a story about Fiona doing something nice for herself, pursuing her career more, or about her caring for the kids. Romance is important to her, so you could write about that too, although I would prefer it not be the focus just because we already get so much of it in the show!

Of course, it would be awesome to see the other Shameless women make an appearance too. Although I didn't request anyone else specifically, feel free to include any of the other nominated ladies.

Swordspoint. Sofia Campion.

I love Sofia, although we don't see too much of her in the books. I'd really like anything about her. Backstory on the island before meeting Alec. Her thoughts about getting married and moving to Riverside. What happened in between Alec's death and the time we see in The Fall of the Kings. And how does she cope with her son's breakdown in that book? So much I want to know. And in general, it's always interesting to see this world from a woman's perspective.

The Bone Season. Eliza Renton and/or Paige Mahoney.

Long shot that anyone offered this, but if you did, HI! Good to know someone else loves this book. This series has excellent world building but the characters are my favorite part, especially the Seven Seals. I would really love backstory about Eliza, more about how she met Jaxon and came to the Seven Seals, and how she developed her talents.

For Paige, I have less specific ideas, but I'd be happy to see anything about these characters. (I'd kind of prefer it not focus on Warden though.) Maybe just some slice-of-life stuff about living in London and working with the Seven Seals?

Eliza and Paige's relationship is really interesting too, since Eliza looks out for Paige a lot, but then Paige is a much stronger person in The Mime Order. So a fic exploring that would be welcome.

Dragonriders of Pern, Oklina

I mainly requested her because we know so little about her. Just a glimpse at the end of Moreta and in Nerilka's Story. What is it like following in Moreta and Leri's footsteps? How does she deal with the aftermath of grief and rebuilding after the disease? Things seem a little more liberal in Moreta's time than in Lessa's, so I've always thought that things started to get more traditional again after the plague. Does Oklina play a role in this?
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Quick update since I actually spent too much time writing and need to start getting ready for work now.

Current word count: 1214

It's pretty small considering that I used to write more than that in one day for NaNoWriMo, but it's better than nothing.

About my productivity: As I said, I got a late start, but from Wednesday-Sunday I wrote a little bit every day. Hoping I can continue it this week.
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At first, I didn't feel like starting the challenge this week. Getting back into writing was hard!

I did my five RPG posts no problem, but then I had no excuse to put off the fiction writing. Then someone on tumblr recommended Pacemaker and I generated a writing plan. I love it! I imported the plan to my ical and I can move the word counts around based on when I have things going on that would keep me from writing too much. I've gotten about 730 words so far.

Sign Up Post
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I'm joining late, after a friend told me about the writing challenge. I had been complaining about how hard it was to get "serious" about my writing after a long break. I've lost my discipline, but I know that if I don't work hard to get it back, I won't get very far in my writing.

I want to use the challenge to set up a daily writing habit again, as well as jump back into my story/novel/thing Percy Sinclair, which is basically just a bunch of stories about a character's life. I've been writing dribs and drabs for years now, but I want to put more structure to it and move towards a real "novel."

Goals for my big original work
*Create a new outline and decide how to structure this thing, either as a novel or a collection of short stories.
*Write at least one cohesive chapter/story in this 80 day period.

*Complete the Night On Fic Mountain challenge (due June 15) and the Every Woman challenge (due June 23).
*Write at least 5 posts a week for my play-by-post RPG.

Daily/weekly goals
*Write (as in full-screen word document, won't stop typing even if it's garbage), at least 15 minutes per day.
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Here are some general likes:

-Character focus




-Fluffy romance


-Characters being in unexpected situations that bring out hidden sides of their personality.

Not okay:
-Noncon or dubcon
-Gratuitous descriptions of blood/injuries

Ratings: I generally prefer fics in a PG 13 or light R rated range, but really anything is okay.

My requests for this exchange are as follows. I don't have really specific plot ideas, but here are some basic details.

Jenny Flint/Madame Vastra: I just need more of them. Fluff is very welcome. I'd like to see something from later on in their relationship, as they settle into marriage. It would be interesting to see them in a different time, but Victorian England is good too.

River Song/The TARDIS: Whether you use Idris or a different personification of the TARDIS is up to you. This just sounds like such a fun pairing. You can just focus on them, but Doctor relationship angst also welcome. (Quote prompt stolen from Tasha Lem: "Flying the TARDIS was always easy, it was flying the Doctor I never quite mastered.")

Martha Jones/Amy Pond: I don't have any prompts but this pairing would make me very happy! Martha is my favorite companion so I love reading about her. I think Martha and Amy are kind of the most shit upon companions in fandom, so let's see them being awesome together!

For all Doctor Who prompts, I'm fine with any of the "new" Doctors.

Grelle/Angelina Dalles: I just saw this on the tagset, and I don't feel capable of writing it myself, but I would love to see something with this pairing. I'm all in favor of anything with Grell as a female/trans woman/nonbinary demon. And Madame Red needs more attention. I'm mostly familiar with the anime.

Dragonriders of Pern: This is the fandom of my heart. Anything that repairs Anne McCaffrey's more warped elements from the books is great. Feel free to keep it canon, AU it up, whatever. I enjoy seeing what people do with the vast world of Pern. I also checked fanart here, since I love seeing art of the dragons. A mini comic would be really cool too.
Kylara got such a crappy storyline in the book. Such a one-dimensional villain, not to mention hello slut-shaming. I like to see her redeemed. Or you could just do a "bad romance" type thing and keep her a little bad, that might be interesting too.
Obviously, if you do Sorka/Lessa or Lessa/Moreta they aren't from the same time, fortunately dragons can time travel! I'd really like a time travel plot but if you'd rather just AU it and have them in the same period, that's perfectly fine.

Orphan Black: Anything Delphine/Cosima will make me smile. I'd prefer happy fics with these two (ie: Cosima healthy), because the reality is too heartbreaking for me haha. A few prompt ideas: Cosima going to France to see where Delphine grew up; babysitting Kira together and thinking about whether they'll become parents one day; road trip; Cosima tries to teach Delphine D & D.


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